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Process finished with exit code -1073740791 (0xC0000409) Solution

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月8日

Solve problem “Process finished with exit code -1073740791 (0xC0000409)” in PyCharm

Understand VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月7日

Learn how VRRP works and why we need VRRP. Explain typical VRRP case with images.

What is STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) ? Quick Introduction

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月7日

Learn how Spanning Tree Protocol works and why we need STP.

Completely uninstall and reinstall mysql in Ubuntu

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月7日

Sometimes we need to reinstall mysql. Learn how to completely uninstall mysql and reinstall it.

Solve “npm ERR! missing script: start”

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月7日

Solve the problem in npm with “npm ERR! missing script: start”

Introduction to BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月6日

Learn how BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) works.

What is MPLS (Multiprotocol label switching)? Detailed introduction

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月6日

Multiprotocol label switching, or MPLS, replaces IP forwarding with label switching. Learn how MPLS networks work.

What is kafka ? Simple Introduction

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月6日

A simple introduction of kafka and how it works. Kafka is a distributed message queue based on publish/subscribe mode, which is mainly used in the field of real-time processing of big data.

Go xorm Quick Tutorial

By xjc0508 | 2022年8月5日

A simple tutorial of xorm, a Go library. Includes database settings, create tables and insert, update, delete records.

Daily Life in SUSTech

By xjc0508 | 2022年3月28日

Some photos about my daily life as an undergraduate student in SUSTech