My Experience of Taking HCIP Exam

In Summer, 2021, I decided to stay at my college for my third winter vacation rather than go home. After two months’ study, I’ve successfully passed the HCIP exam and got my certificate.

Huawei and Cisco are not unfamiliar for those of us that are working in the Networking and Data Management Field. HCIP, also known as Huawei Certificated ICT Professional, is given to professionals major in specific field in ICT. My chosen direction is Routing & Switching, which contains scads of routing protocols (OSPF, ISIS, MPLS, BGP etc.) and knowledge in enterprise networks. Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Optimization and Migration are also required.

In order to get the certification, I have to pass 3 different exams. The first one was HCIP-Routing & Switching-IERS , or Exam code H12-221. This part includes the basic understanding of current TCP/IP network and several important routing protocols. I think it was quite easy, as long as you take efforts on the book.

IENP (H12-222) was the most difficult one I believe. Since it was mainly about the enterprise network knowledges. Those advanced routing protocols are sophisticated and hard to understand. But after all, I still passed the exam. I was so nervous that I stay really late the night before exam to take a look on my notes.

Finally, IEEP (H12-223) is coming. It was the part that has the fewest questions. But still, it is not as simple as 221. Troubleshooting needs strong logic thinking and memory. For once, I have passed all the exam.

Not long after I com back from the examination room, I received the email from Huawei. I was informed the success and I got a special certification.

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