Review of EVA

EVA is something I’d like to call it a miracle which really shocked me even I can’t get all the connotation. I try to review it but it just like a mass of stream of consciousness in my head, I can stop thinking it.

I have to say and I always had the feeling that Japenese must have something wrong with their mind. I guess it is because the geographical and historical factors. They live on that samll island for a long time and hard to communicate with orther cultrue which lead to a close but unware national awarness. Anyone came to the island have some goals–invaders for most of time, so they are suffering from persecution delusions, worry about if someday they home will be occupated. So they create many of this comics, Attack On Titan &Ultra Man and EVA. When we comes to EVA spcificaly, one thing that can’t be ignore is the history background. Japan was suffering from the bubble economy bursting, all the prosperity and hope just gone with the wind. That days were reaally dark, unemployment rose sharply, young people committed suicide and the country came to a standstill. Many people put their faith in animation and games and led to a boom in these industry. Shinji and Asuka are the behalf of them, they aren’t the chosen one, but are kids lack of love and really lonely, they are one of us. The one who is more lonely will have the more powerful AT-Field, isn’t that too cruel? But that is the fact and the “Human complete plan” is aiming to break the walls between people’s heart which is called”Complete”. This may reflect someone’s hope of that days, they want accompany and friends and that’s not wrong. But we can not make a difference without any sacrifice, this plan will take every life and bring them to a completly new form(which also–I think Janpenese are madman).

Time to sleep, we will continue next time.

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